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     Next Generation           Immune Modulators

Treg targeted therapies for long-lasting autoimmune disease control


Wouter Verhoeven


Luc Van Rompaey

CSO & Founder

Tom Van Belle

Head of Biology



Dualyx is developing  unique immune modulators targeting the in vivo expansion of regulatory T cells. Increasing and activating potent Tregs cells can restore the ratio of regulatory to effector T cells and suppress the unwanted autoimmune reaction to achieve long-lasting or even curative treatments in autoimmune disease patients. Through our state-of-art antibody engineering we have developed a pipeline of multi-specific antibodies targeting highly attractive targets. These multi-specific antibodies selectively expand and activate Tregs without activating other immune cells. Dualyx’ innovative antibodies thereby hold the promise of combining effective immune suppression with favorable tox profiles and high therapeutic indices. We are developing our pipeline together with our academic and industry partners such as Wurzburg University, argenx, KU Leuven and VIB.


We aim to create next-generation biologic drugs for autoimmunity therapies with novel mechanisms of action, lower toxicity and improved patient outcomes than traditional therapeutics.


Dualyx' lead program DT-001 is modulating the validated immune suppression target TNF receptor 2. TNFR2 is highly expressed on Tregs and is regarded as a master control switch for immune suppression, which makes it a very effective target for an antibody agonist. DT-001 is currently in lead optimization and is aimed to enter the next phase of development end of 2022. DT-001 has shown significant and selective Treg expansion and we have obtained in vivo proof of concept in a GvHD model. DT-001 holds the promise to be applicable for a wide range of auto immune diseases, which is currently under investigation with a group of high level KOLs.

DT-002 is an antibody directed at a well known target and has entered into lead optimization. DT-003 is a novel program targeting a new immunological pathway, showing highly attractive data, which we aim to enter into lead optimization end of 2022.  



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