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Tom Van Belle

Head of Biology

Tom has over 20 years immunology experience and over 10 years biotech experience as dynamic team leader with track record of success in international academic research and biotech industry.
After a PhD at the VIB-IRC in Ghent on the effect of IL-2 and IL-15 on T cell subsets, he performed international postdocs in the lab of Linda Bradley (T cells) and Matthias von Herrath (Treg, Type 1 diabetes). After guiding the preclinical research in the lab of Chantal Mathieu on an immune tolerizing therapy that is currently in phase I testing for type 1 diabetes, he moved to biotech industry pioneer Ablynx in 2010 to lead teams covering in vitro and in vivo strategy and studies, and bio-analysis. Tom’s work has been reported in 30+ publications in the field of cytokines, Treg and autoimmunity.

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